Send your inspections to DOB Now directly from your browser.

The UpVate Anywhere App is linked to DOB Now.  Eliminate manual data entry into DOB Now.

With the new DOB changes, now more than ever there is a need for faster, more reliable, and accurate data entry.  UpVate Anywhere was created with YOU in mind!  Enter your deficiencies directly from your smart device, sync them to the Anywhere web app, then send the ELV3 to DOB Now!  No more stressing over inspection results changing after the inspection. UpVate Anywhere stores the results and allows you to change and resend the results without re-entering the data.

With UpVate Anywhere, inspection results from the mobile app are reviewed in the companion web application and imported into DOB Now.

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Don't struggle with DOB data entry anymore. Let Anywhere take you and your inspections to another level!