Elevating Information …. at your fingertips

UpVate Anywhere helps you integrate and save your data, photos and notes in one place and send accurate reports to clients quickly.

Easy to use –
no technical skills

Uses customized,
digital checklists – no
more paper forms

Integrates and saves
data, photos and notes
in one place

Uploads information
quickly and easily

Generates accurate,
consistent and
comprehensive reports

Information is available
any time you need it –

Proven Results:
33% less time spent on site
50% less time writing reports

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UpVate Anywhere Saves you Time and Frustration!

Elevating Information……at your fingertips

As the leader in Elevator Inspection Compliance, UpVate understands the tedious, labor intensive and manual paper process of the elevator inspection business. That's why we created a Mobile Elevator Inspection App, UpVate Anywhere, to do the tedious work for you, easily, quickly and accurately.

Reduce the amount
of time spent on-site,
taking photos, making
notes, etc.

Reduce the amount of time spent scheduling and generating client reports and maintenance follow-up

Works with any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

See how easy it is to use

Crafted for Elevator Inspections and Compliance Reports

Easy to Use

Works with any device – smartphone, tablet, desktop.

Organize Inspection Checklist

Access inspection schedule, past inspections and new data.

Select freeform or customized checklist items.

Edit & Integrate Data

View, Edit & Integrate Data. Works online and offline

Proven Results

33% less time spent on site
50% less time spent writing reports

Add Data Easily

Record audio, write notes or take pictures.

Add to designated checklist item in one click.

Generate Accurate, Timely Reports

Access inspection report any
time – 24/7 availability
Customize to fit your business
Share online report with
clients as PowerPoint or Word

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Elevating Information……at your fingertips

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UpVate Anywhere is The Only Elevator Inspection Software you Need

Elevating Information……at your fingertips

Edit Inspections

Turn your recording into a written note. Crop, rotate, and add notes to the images.

Manage Checklist

Manage or add custom checklist, which can be based upon each local authority’s requirements.

Export the File

Everything you need to write a report is in one place. Export the file into PowerPoint or copy and paste into a Word Document.

Share the Report

Email inspection results or share a link to the inspection report.


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Use premade or customized checklists for elevator inspections: due diligence, cat 1, modernization survey and maintenance evaluation

Customize inspection checklists and reports

Integrate previous inspections

Add and edit photos, voice notes or text notes to any inspection item

View inspection data on mobile and web applications

24/7 inspection report availability

Generate accurate reports

Share online report with clients

Not an elevator inspector?

We are adapting this app for other inspection types. If you have an application that this app would work well for let us know!


At UpVate we focus on building the best tools for the elevator industry. Check out our full website for other products.

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