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UpVate Anywhere will save you time and aggravation


UpVate Anywhere was built for 2 reasons. First, to reduce the amount of time spent on-site, taking photos, making notes, etc. Second, to reduce the amount of time spent generating a report that is correct and makes good sense.

Reports are often already backlogged. What inspectors need is a way to collect data that makes it easier for them or their teammates to write up reports later. Let’s imagine walking through an inspection with a mobile app that streamlines the process.

Crafted for Elevator Inspections

Start saving time, today
Mobile Friendly

Designed to work comfortably with any device

Impressive Results

50% reduction in time spent writing up the report – on top of the 33% of time saved on site

Inspection List

This list includes the names of buildings, property managers, number of stories, etc.

Elevator Banks

Add elevator banks, car number, government ID if available, and device type

Unique Checklist Option

Select the condition of the checklist item and collect supporting photos and voice notes

Easy to add data

Record audio or take a picture in a designated location or checklist item

View & Synchronized Data

Able to view, edit, sync, and delete inspections

Freeform inspections

Freeform inspections are conducted by selecting pre-defined locations associated to an elevator bank or specific elevator

How It Works


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Download the app now and get your first 5 inspections free of charge

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Introducing the Web App!

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Edit Inspections

A voice transcription feature can turn that recording into a written note. Or it can be done manually. You can crop, rotate, and annotate the images, as well.

Manage Checklist

Manage or add custom checklist, which can be based upon each local authority’s requirements, makes the app more complete.

Export the File

You can export the file into PowerPoint. Or copy and paste into a Word Document. Everything you need to write a report is in one place.

Sharing the Report

The Web app allows users to invite clients to view the inspection results, or share a link to the inspection report.

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